QC Community Foundation awards $644K in grants

Quad Cities Community Foundation

Thirty-one local nonprofits are receiving $644,630 through the Quad Cities Community Foundation’s Operations and Program Grants, the foundation announced Friday, Sept. 15.

The Operations and Program Grants are made possible by generous donations to 15 different Field of Interest Funds as well as the Quad Cities Community Impact Fund. These grants make up the Community Foundation’s largest competitive grantmaking cycle each year, the organization said in a news release.

“Nonprofit sustainability relies on operational support,” said Sue Hafkemeyer, president and CEO of the Community Foundation. “Operations and Program Grants help our local organizations grow and thrive, and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of donors—that generosity is making our community a better place.”

This year’s grants come from the following funds, with additional funding provided by the Quad Cities Community Impact Fund. (An * denotes a grant paid over two years.)

 Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Cafe On Vine—$8,000
  • Christ United Methodist Church of the Illinois Quad Cities – East Moline and Silvis Food Pantries – $5,000
  • Community Health Care, Inc. – $40,000*
  • Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates – iJAG – $40,000*
  • Iowa Legal Aid – $5,000
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Center, Inc. – $10,000
  • Pearl’s Mission – $5,430
  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra – $10,000
  • Safer Foundation – Quad Cities – $20,000
  • School Health LINK, Inc. – $10,000
  • Tapestry Farms – $8,000
  • Youth Service Bureau of RI County – $10,000

Basic Human Needs Fund Iowa & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Transitions NFP – $20,000*

Basic Human Needs Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Project NOW, CAA – $20,000

CommunityWorks Endowment & Dorothy Jane Folwell Education and Healthcare Fund

  • ASWAS (A System Within A System) – $35,000*

Children At Risk Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Bethany for Children & Families – $40,000*

Chip Sunderbruch Memorial Risk Management Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund—focuses on risk management and safety issues:

  • Center for Active Seniors, Inc. –$10,000

Dorothy Jane Folwell Education and Healthcare Fund

  • Augustana College – Task Force Research Project to improve Maternal Health – $20,000

Dorothy Jane Folwell Education and Healthcare Fund & Community Impact Fund

  • Great Sounds Promotions – $8,200

Health and Wellness Fund, Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund & Basic Human Needs Fund:

  • NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley – $20,000*

John J. Quail Fund, Marsha and Don Pedersen Endowment & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Quad City Arts – $12,000

Judith Berger Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Salvation Army – Quad Cities – $40,000*

 Nell C. Brennan Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Hope at the BRICK House, Inc. – $15,000

 Roy E. Murray Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Junior Achievement of the Heartland – $10,000

 Sekharan Family Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Humility Homes and Services, Inc. – $20,000*

Women’s Endowment Fund & Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley – $10,000


Quad Cities Community Impact Fund 

  • Clock, Inc. – $40,000*
  • Community Caring Conference – $40,000*
  • The Project of the Quad Cities, Inc. – $40,000*
  • Together Making A Better Community (TMBC) – $30,000*
  • WGVV – Quad Cities Community Broadcasting Group Inc. – $30,000*

Providing general operating funding and program support for successful ongoing efforts, awards cover a variety of focus areas, from basic needs and health to community development and arts and culture. Operations and Program Grants range in size from $5,000 to $20,000, with $40,000 available for two-year requests.

“We encourage everyone to look into the amazing work being done by these grantees,” said Kelly Thompson, Community Foundation vice president of grantmaking and community initiatives. “These nonprofits have inclusivity, equity, and community empowerment at the heart of their work. We know they will do amazing things for our community with this support.”

Gifts to the Community Impact Fund and many Field of Interest Funds make a tremendous impact in our community every day. Learn more and make a contribution at QCCommunityFoundation.org

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