Grow Clinton to help assess child care needs

CLINTON, Iowa – Grow Clinton has announced a partnership with First Children’s Finance (FCF) to conduct an area childcare market analysis.

Investing about $15,000 in grant funds received from the Clinton County Development Association (CCDA), Grow Clinton will work with FCF to conduct the analysis.

“Our organization is fortunate to have the support of the CCDA. We are able to secure this project through their grant program, which is part of ongoing workforce development efforts at Grow Clinton,” said Jennifer Holm, Grow Clinton’s director of member and community relations.

In the coming months, Grow Clinton will disseminate an electronic survey to employers, childcare providers, and parents who utilize childcare as well as parents who find employment difficult due to childcare challenges.

“Childcare directly affects workforce development and production. This study will provide insight into what our area employees and employers need in terms of availability and what our childcare providers need in terms of support,” said Ms. Holm.

FCF will collect the survey responses and conduct an in-depth analysis of the data combined with research of existing demographic statistics. Results will be used to determine appropriate actions needed to improve and support childcare access in Clinton and surrounding areas. The electronic survey is scheduled to be distributed in September, and will remain open for responses for four weeks. 

Results and analysis will be delivered by December. If you are an employer, childcare provider, or caregiver of young children and would like to be included in the First Children Finance survey, send your name and email address to Jenny Holm at [email protected].

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